Here’s My Card: How e-book publishing is the new business card.

With the job market as turbulent as ever, people are always looking to stand out from the crowd. One way to do so is by publishing a book on a subject that you know everything about. Okay, maybe not everything, but enough that your peers consider you an expert. Nothing cements your authority in your field like having an articulate and professional book in your hands.

A published book brings credibility and authority on your topic whether you are

  • networking at your local coffee shop,
  • attending a convention at a remote destination, or
  • approaching your boss on that long-overdue raise,

Your book is your business card, the tangible item that will make people remember you.

With the self-publishing industry booming, the opportunity to publish your book is better than ever. According to Bowker, the official ISBN Agency for the United States, 2011 produced 148,424 self-published print books and 87,201 ebooks. The success of self-published authors is noted by the frequent appearances on many best-selling lists. The control is in your hands.

Keith Ogorek, senior vice president of marketing for Author Solutions says, “I don’t know how many people you will impact if you publish your book, but I know how many you will impact if you don’t.”

Publishing a book makes your brand stronger. Think of the top three power players in your industry. I bet they have at least one book published. If you are passionate about a cause, have knowledge to share or an interesting perspective on a topic, it’s time to put those words to paper and increase your influence on the world. You’ll be ready when someone asks you for your business card.

What are you passionate about?

2 thoughts on “Here’s My Card: How e-book publishing is the new business card.

  1. Hi Ann,
    I would suggest checking out BookStubs, which are similar in size and material to a gift card, plus they feature your e-book cover on one side and a code to unlock a free copy of your e-book on the other. Here’s a link to more information:

    BookStubs are a great way to get the word out about your book; however, it is crucial you build an author platform before you even publish your book. Are you an expert in your book’s topic? Volunteer to speak at events. Have a fiction book? Create an online book club or secure a booth at your local fairs/events to connect with your community. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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