Websites for Authors: Do You Need One?

Websites for Authors

Even in today’s undeniably techno-centric world, many writers resist the idea that they need to have an author website. After all, they have an Amazon page, a Facebook page and a few book reviews floating around on blogs. Isn’t that enough?

We don’t think so.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve overheard something about a great new Thai restaurant in town. You love Thai food. Your interest is piqued. So, you Google the place. Now, imagine there’s no website to be found. Maybe you track down a few Yelp reviews and a Twitter page that tweets daily specials … but you can’t find their hours, their full menu or their prices. Even though you — as a lover of Thai food — were genuinely interested in their business, you give up on the restaurant for now because you couldn’t easily access the information you wanted.

You don’t want that happening to potential readers who can’t find the information they want about you and your book online.

If you’re a professional of any kind — whether a writer or a restaurateur — it’s essential to have a complete online presence. And there are no better tools than websites for authors to pull all their online efforts together into one reader-friendly place.

While bookstore pages and social media sites are important online resources for authors, they have narrow focuses and limited functionality. You can’t have complete control over the content of those online spaces in the same way that you can manage your author website. The beauty of having your own website is that you can use it as a central hub to give readers all the information they could possibly want about your work (upcoming publications, book signings, blog posts, interviews, stellar book reviews, etc.) as well as drive traffic to your social media pages. The easier you make it for potential readers to locate and browse a variety of information about you and your book, the better your chances of meeting your goals as an author.

A Sweet Deal

If you’ve been wanting to make a website … now’s the time. Through Aug. 15, 2012, you can save 20% on our Booktango Author Website service. Just enter the promo code WEBSITE0812 at checkout to receive the discount.

With this service, we’ll help you create a professional website that captures what you and your book are all about. Below are a few examples of what’s possible for your site. Notice the basic navigational structure and layout is similar in each example, but each website has its own unique personality that reflects the style and interests of the individual author.

Just imagine a more you-ish version of these:

Talk to us if you want to work with us to add some bonus features like these sites:

So, what do you think? Are you ready to carve out a permanent space for yourself in the online world?

5 thoughts on “Websites for Authors: Do You Need One?

  1. If you get a website do they charge more each time you add a book to it? Do you have to pay to have it show up on search engines? You get a website and tell your friends. and they can’t even find you, and you can’t find it yourself in some of these websites you try.

  2. Hi Joan,
    Yes, there is a charge to add another book, but it is minimal. And, no, you do not pay to show up on search engines. Ranking on search engines depends on many factors and cannot be guaranteed. We hope this helps!

  3. I tried to purchase this but when I entered WEBSITE0812 at checkout it would not take it. The $199 remained and a message appeared in red under the promotional code box saying it did not exist. Then when I tried again it said: “the promo code you entered has already been applied”. 🙁

  4. Hi Allan,
    We’ll let customer service know about this issue, and we’ll hopefully have a solution for you very soon!
    Thanks for letting us know!

  5. After reading this post, I think every author should have a website. I noticed that the examples given use a Westbrow Press bookstore, which looks very like Booktango. Having dug a little deeper, Westbrow Press sees to offer the same author website serrvice as Booktango does – except Booktango charge $199 versus $479 charged by Westbrow Press. Are the Booktango sites of the same quality as the examples used? If so, Booktango’s price is very impressive.

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