Time Management: How to Find Time to Write with a Crazy Schedule

Does it feel like if you add one more thing to your calendar it (and you!) might have a meltdown? Finding time to write in the midst of such a jam-packed schedule is daunting, but it is possible.

These three simple tips can help you carve out the time you need to actually finish the book you’ve been working on.

  1. Make time for writing. You’ve heard it before: You make time for what you love. You might be making time in your busy schedule to take a cooking class or play football with friends. You can do the same with your writing. It might have to be an odd time, the hour before bed or your lunch break, but when you make a commitment to become a writer you also make a commitment to make your schedule flow around your writing.
  2. Eliminate distractions. When you do make that time for writing, use it well by eliminating distractions and focusing on just writing. Think of it as entering a zone where all you are allowed to do is write. Turn off your email, phone, Internet and shut the door on the world. Once you’ve written for your allotted time, get up and reward yourself. This reward might be a walk, a cup of coffee or anything that helps you step away from your writing and relax.
  3. Free write. Allow the words and characters to come alive and don’t worry about grammar and editing. Editing along the way may hinder your creative process and cause you to waste precious time. If you haven’t before, try using pen and paper instead of a computer during this writing time. A computer can sometimes inhibit the free flow of ideas with its editing features as well as allowing you to delete too easily.

The next time you look at your calendar and wonder when you will ever write again, remember that you make your schedule, not the other way around. Make time for writing and when you do, make that time count.

How do you make time to write?

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