Three Predictions for the Future of E-book Publishing

Perhaps you’ve heard: At Booktango, you make the most money from your e-books. Period. Our online editor has made it easier than ever for authors like you to identify errors and make corrections, which makes it the most efficient platform to get your book published. Writing and publishing an e-book is about finesse, creativity and flexibility — among other things. Since announcing Booktango, not only have we made creating an e-book easier, but we’ve also given you access to tools like the DIY Cover Designer, which allows you to create elegant book covers with drag-and-drop ease. Earlier this week, we announced our new sales and royalty reporting, which gives you insights to help you more effectively market your books.

So, what are e-books going to bring in the future?

It all starts with authors like you — courageous writers willing to share their stories and build an audience of readers. Our sense is that the elements of great storytelling will remain the same, but authors like you will have more opportunities to increase the quality of the books you are producing.

We broke out our crystal ball and found these three things staring back at us regarding the future of e-books:

  1. Cover creation will increase in importance. As more and more people shop online, distinguishing one cover from the next will become increasingly difficult for consumers. Take a look at online retailers, and you’ll note that the cover of a book is relatively small when you’re browsing for your next read. E-book publishers are going to need to give authors the ability to look at their covers in ways that allow them to compare alternatives and perhaps allow a small audience of prospective customers to vote on the cover they like best.
  2. E-book readers will look for options that allow them to experience a story in different ways. As most authors know, e-books give you the opportunity to add video, links and images to your stories. E-book publishers will need to give authors access to tools that make these features easy to add to their e-books. We’re not suggesting every single person will want video with an e-book; but some will, and authors should have the freedom and choice to tell their story the way they want their audience to experience it.
  3. Recommendations among readers will determine whether your e-book has a great life or dies on the vine. We had the pleasure of hearing Michael Hyatt speak last year at the Author Solutions Indie Author Conference. He made the point that without word-of-mouth recommendations, your book is essentially dead. E-book publishers will need to create tools that make it easier than ever for authors to share their stories across multiple social media platforms.

Today, authors have more choice and opportunity than ever before. Some will choose to word smash, others might think babying their e-book is the way to go. As for Booktango, we believe free and easy is a great path to help you make the most money from your e-books. Stay tuned. We know what’s coming next for our authors, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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