The Best Things in Life are Free

The best things in life really are free.Earlier this week, we announced that the first five authors who commented on Tuesday’s blog post about the end of Booktango’s beta website would receive a free Time Saver package.

Well, we had such an overwhelming response that we couldn’t possibly just leave everyone who participated high and dry. We’re excited to announce some changes to our little contest:

  • The first five comments (Georgette Pann, Michelle Brinson, Leah, Heather Robinson, and Laryssa) will now receive a Trendsetter package.
  • Everyone else who commented prior to 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, July 25 will receive a Time Saver package!

You’ll be receiving an e-mail soon about your free package from Chris Bass, our amazing director of marketing of online ventures.

We’re excited how many authors took the time to comment, and we hope this trend continues. We’re all in this together, and when authors begin a regular dialogue with each other, we all learn! We encourage you to check out each other’s books, blogs and social media sites and leave comments and book reviews. What goes around comes around, so don’t forget to leave a little love for your fellow author.

We also invite you to follow us on twitter @Booktango and @Chris_Booktango for more exciting opportunities courtesy of Booktango for authors in the future! 

Congratulations to all of you who won a free publishing package!

10 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life are Free

  1. Its a very good initiative and really nice to hear!! but some times good Authors dont get in the category of books you chose,you like story and immaginative without illustrations and for me i write instructional materials so if you can again adjust to 0 i hope millions of copies from all over the world we look at you, any way, thats my wish dear. Thank you

  2. We’d certainly publish your instructional e-books. We even allow in-text images, so you can insert as many illustrations as you want.
    Out of curiosity, what type of instructional material do you write?

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely surprise of the Trendsetter Package. Time to get busy writing.

  4. Congratulations to Georgette, Michelle, Leah and Laryssa. I can’t wait to hear about your ebooks

  5. BookTango Team…. thank you so much for the surprising gift.

    And congrats to all who have been treated to this wonderful publishing package surprise.

  6. I write books for civil engineering especially for craft courses like bricklaying and concrete practice,besides that one i also have friends who want to publish but when i tell them about booktango they fail to tress i do not know why may be am more blessed than them

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