Freemium: The Art of Giving Your New E-book Away

How do you normally research items you’re going to buy? I typically ask friends, neighbors and family members for their recommendations. So, how do you get readers to recommend your book to loved ones? By giving your e-book away for free (yes, for free), you can boost the chances of having readers tell their friends, “You’ve got to read (insert title of your book here).”

For many unknown authors, giving away their book as opposed to selling it for $4.99 or even $0.99 is a great jumping off point to propel your marketing efforts. But even already established authors, such as Seth Godin, are fans of giving away free copies of books. By giving away free e-book downloads for your title, you’re encouraging others to promote your book by word-of-mouth. Plus, there are various lists, like “Top 100 Free Ebooks” (which is listed right alongside the Bestsellers on Amazon) or “20 Best Websites to Download Free EBooks.” You never know who might stumble upon your book.

Here’s why you should start giving your book away to strangers:
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