Q&A with Matt Hofeld: Are You Ready for Some (Sooner) Football?

Creator of the website Crimson and Cream Machine, Matt Hofeld is a true University of Oklahoma fan. And his book, 2012 Sooner Kickoff, is uniting fellow fans around the world. We asked Hofeld about the story behind his book and learned about the Sooners’ passionate fan base.

How long have you been a Sooner football fan?

My whole life. Growing up in Oklahoma you are either a Sooner or a Cowboy, and my family was OU all the way. The games were on at my house every Saturday; it was a family tradition to gather around and watch. I attended my first game in person in 1984, and as a 10-year-old, I became hooked for life.

When did your website, Cream and Crimson Machine, launch?

We launched Crimson and Cream Machine in August of 2006. The idea was to create a website for Sooner fans, by Sooner fans. In addition to the information that we post on a daily basis, there is opportunity for fans to create their own posts, display photos and link to articles that they find interesting. In the next few weeks we’ll surpass the 3 million visitor mark.

Why did you decide to write 2012 Sooner Kickoff?

We published a “hard copy” preview before last season and, while we were satisfied with the product, we ran into a couple of issues: It was costly to the consumer and very difficult to find outside of the state of Oklahoma. The result was the desire to make a college football preview that was more affordable and easily available to anyone, anywhere. The e-book format was the best solution.

What kind of impact do you want your book to have?

I’ve enjoyed getting to know people all over the world as the book has been released. I’ve received emails from seven different countries from people thanking me for making it available. That was the entire purpose. I want the book to be an affordable preview that highlights a popular football program with a passionate fan base.

Have you gotten any feedback from the team about your book? Any feedback from Sooner fans?

People within the athletic department have told me that it’s a good representation of the 2012 Sooners. This is our first year to do a project like this, so we have gone through a couple of learning experiences. For the most part, fans that we’ve heard from have been very appreciative of the preview.

Do you have plans for more books?

Yes! We certainly would like to do a 2013 Sooner Kickoff and are even considering doing something with basketball as well.

How do you think the team will play this year?

I think the Sooners will be pretty good. Depending on how the offensive and defensive lines pan out, you can expect Oklahoma to be in the running for both the Big XII crown and a BCS championship.

Who are you rooting for as the football season begins?

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