Organization is King – Use an E-book Editor to Turn your Blog into an E-book

So you want to turn your blog into an e-book? How exactly, would one do such a thing?

Organization is King – Use an E-book Editor to Turn your Blog into an E-book

When I thought about this venture, I thought of my own blog. I know that there are categories in WordPress, Blogger, and other platforms, but those in no way encompass all the things I talk about on my blog – and I couldn’t just copy and paste those posts into a Word document.

That would take too long.

The great news is that I don’t have to sit and copy and paste everything. There are a variety of services (some that are even free) that can help you prepare your e-book for Booktango and our free ebook editor.

The first one I found (which was a complete winner in my book) is called Anthologize.  It’s a plug-in for WordPress that allows you organize your blog posts by dragging and dropping them into a special section, and then export the finished product into a format Booktango will read. Although a fairly new product, it was the easiest product I found to organize your blogs by category, actual post, and keyword, simply by dragging and dropping blogs into the plug-in.

If you aren’t using a WordPress platform, there are a variety of other options as well, like Scrivener. This one was my personal favorite, and although not as easy, it gives you a ton more options. It isn’t a free service, but you can purchase the product for ease of use. Some of the options with Scrivener include a corkboard to organize your posts, an outline feature, bibliography, even screenwriting options.

Although just some of the options, organizing your blog can be one of the toughest parts of creating a book from your blog. It turns out, however, that it may be the most important. It will make importing your material into Booktango’s ebook editor easier, and much more fun.

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