Leading as a Yes Author in a world of No

Leading as a Yes author - Booktango blogOver the years I’ve talked to many authors who have tried to pitch their book to agents and traditional publishers, but all they’re hearing is a world of “no,” “not interested” and “good luck.” It can be a disheartening process. Especially for authors who know they’ve got a story to tell that could help or entertain someone. A colleague once asked, “What good is a manuscript that is sitting in someone’s desk drawer?”

As a free publisher, Booktango gives authors an alternative path to the traditional route with huge benefits. One such benefit is that you get to keep every penny of your sales when you sell an e-book through the Booktango bookstore. Another bonus is that you’re book is available through e-retailers such as Amazon®, Barnes and Noble®, Kobo®, Apple® iBooks, and Google®. 

So, you’ve heard the no’s, but what is keeping you from leading as a “Yes Author”? 

In my experience the biggest thing that keeps us from accomplishing our dreams and goals is fear and lack of belief. When I was in high-school I was told I’d never make the varsity football team a number of times, but I kept working at it. By the end of my senior year I was a captain of the team. Then I was told was too small and too slow to play in the Big Ten. Yet I was a member of the Purdue football team. Not bad for a 5’ 9” white Irish guy.

All of the no’s we hear cause us to take on what author Seth Godin calls the lizard brain – it’s what makes us do the exact opposite of what we need to do to reach our goal. As an author you need to stop listening to no and start leading as a Yes Author. 

Stop for a minute and imagine what it would be like to have your book out in the world so readers have the opportunity to benefit from your creative efforts. Imagine celebrating with your family and friends. Forget about the no’s and start telling yourself you can do, you are successful and your dream of publishing a book is within reach. 

Now stop imaging and think about working with a free publisher like Booktango. Free takes all of the risk out of the equation. With Booktango you have no choice but to become the Yes Author you were meant to be. You are in charge of the destiny of your book and we believe you should have the freedom and choice to publish when and how you wish.

Now it’s your turn to lead. Lead readers to your book when it’s published and show traditional publishers that your book can be a success. We’re seeing it happen more often where authors use a free publisher, have success and get picked up by a traditional publisher. It’s your dream. Isn’t it time you lead as a Yes Author? We’re ready for you.

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  1. A very nice article, but for the assumption that writers want to be published by traditional publishers. You’re missing the point that an increasing number of authors are choosing to be self publishers, not because we can’t get published traditionally, but because we choose not to.

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