What are E-Book Reading Clubs? Learn How to Create One and use it to Promote your Book

What are E-Book Reading Clubs? Learn How to Create One and use it to Promote your BookI know what you’re thinking? “What are e-book clubs? How in the world is that going to work?”

Well, they do work, and here’s why:

With e-book sales overtaking print books, it’s only a matter of time before they overtake book clubs, too. In starting my own book club with a coworker quite recently, we discovered it was really simple. Just a few rules, a location each month, and an active Goodreads account put us ahead of our game.

“But doesn’t everyone need an e-reader to be a member of an e-book club?”

Well, yes that’s true to a degree. But that doesn’t mean that everyone in your e-book club must have an e-reader. In the wake of growing e-book sales, libraries have started lending e-books and e-readers themselves. Check your local library for rules and regulations. They are also available at many retailers online for a fractional cost, especially if you choose versions that have wireless ads, similar to Groupon or Living Social, on them. And finally, there are plenty of PDF options that can be read from a computer (although I certainly wouldn’t recommend this). In that case, it might be more efficient to buy the book in a hard copy form. It’s a good rule of thumb to make sure that every member of the new e-book club has, or has access to, an e-reader.

When starting your e-book club:

  1. Find friends who have access to, or have, e-readers.
  2. Send an email taking a vote on frequency of meetings, date, and time that works best for the group.
  3. Set a meeting place at an outside location, or choose to attend meetings at the host’s home.
  4. Consider choosing a host for each meeting, where each member is a host in a cycle.
  5. Set some boundaries and rules. Who brings snacks? Does the host choose the book? What kind of material, if any, is off the table for choosing?

There are also online book clubs, which you can join most of the time for free or start your own.  Here are some really great online book clubs:

  1. My personal favorite, Goodreads Book clubs, works straight with my existing Goodreads account on a bi-monthly basis. Everyone gets online at a certain time and chats about the book through forum posting.
  2. Barnes & Noble offers genre book clubs– and although they don’t meet at a specific time, it’s a great location to go and talk to others about a book, especially if you’re the only one who reads often in your home.
  3. And then of course, there is Oprah’s new book club, which has always been an online book club and works the same way. You follow on Twitter, Facebook, and meet on sites like GroupMe, which allow everyone to chat together. The same can be accomplished through Twitter.

In short, starting an e-book club with your newly published Booktango book is a solid idea, because it gets people reading your book, you don’t have to pitch it to other book clubs, and the members of your book club are likely to share it with others. Start an indie revolution, supporting new Booktango authors, or other e-books you find in your book club.

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