Not Convinced Free E-book Publishing is for You? (read this Q&A with Jeet Banerjee, author of Profitable SEO Strategies)

Jeet Banerjee, Booktango author of Profitable SEO Strategies, spills some secrets on how authors can amp up their marketing efforts and boost their SEO. Plus, he offers some insight as to why he decided to publish his e-book for free with Booktango. 

Can you provide a few tips from your book on how authors can boost their SEO? Don’t spill too many secrets!

There are a lot of different ways to monetize your business with the help of search engine optimization, but most of the methods people are using are eating into their profits. My book discusses various strategies that individual companies can utilize so that they are keeping their SEO costs at a minimum while maximizing their results and profits.

In my book I discuss the common misconception on keyword selection, what are some great questions to ask your internet marketing firm, why organic search engine results will save you much more then PPC, and a lot of other tricks to accelerate your online marketing campaign.

How has publishing an e-book helped build your SEO for your own business?

Publishing an e-book is a great way for me to leverage my website on the search engines because the algorithms used by Google and others look for a lot of content driven work when calculating the rankings of a particular website.

The e-book is also great because it gave me a lot more credibility with my clients and dramatically helped increase my websites rankings on the search engines.

Why did you decide to publish your e-book with Booktango?

I had looked to publish my book through major distributors with some firms and other places before, but the costs and work involved with getting it done were ridiculous. I surprisingly stumbled upon the website when surfing the Internet and saw how fair the royalty system is along with the simplicity of getting my book into the e-stores and decided to give it a shot!

Booktango delivered with their promises and got my e-book into all the major distributors.

Any advice for authors not entirely convinced free e-book publishing is the publishing route for them?

My best advice for authors who are skeptical about this approach is that you have NOTHING to lose! Booktango doesn’t charge you upfront costs or anything like that, so it’s a risk-free venture. If you are looking to raise the awareness for your e-book, Booktango may be the best choice for you.

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