Digital Publishing Q&A Session with The Globe and Mail

With more than 3.3 million readers a week, The Globe and Mail is one of the top newspapers in Canada. To prove it, last year they were nominated for 24 National Newspaper Awards and awarded with 8, more than any other publication in Canada. To celebrate its journalism excellence, The Globe and Mail compiled the winning entries into a Booktango e-book called Our Nation’s Finest.

We talked with The Globe and Mail and not only got the scoop on their new book, but we also chatted about the newspaper industry’s switch to digital publishing. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, about 14 percent of newspaper circulation is now digital. But with a new e-book and an interactive website full of Canada’s top news stories, we’ll venture to say The Globe and Mail is on the forefront of digital publishing for newspapers.

Digital Publishing Q&A Session

BT: What kind of stories are in this e-book?

G&M: The first Globe and Mail e-book, Our Nation’s Finest, contains a wide variety of stories that cover topics, such as national, international, politics, business, lifestyle, sports, and news. The range of curated articles includes an exposé of a federal corruption scandal to celebrity profiles, and a recap of how our Canadian dollar bills have changed design over the years in order to prevent counterfeiters. There are also stories about Canada’s national sport, hockey.

BT: Why publish these award-winning articles as an e-book?

G&M: The decision to publish was born out of the desire to offer our valued subscribers and customers alternative and innovative ways of accessing unique Globe and Mail content in different formats. 

Our belief was that collecting our work in new forms would improve the value of a Globe and Mail subscription and provide Globe and Mail readers with a new opportunity to purchase and experience another excellent read by The Globe and Mail.

BT: How is The Globe and Mail adapting to digital publishing?

G&M: Our Nation’s Finest represents the first of what we are planning to turn into frequent curated collections of our content, packaged and delivered to subscribers and readers.  By providing a full range of diverse digital offerings, The Globe and Mail hopes to further cement its position as a leader and innovator among the Canadian news media.

BT: Is this the first Globe and Mail e-book to provide a collection of stories and features nominated for the National Newspaper Awards? Will we see a book for the 2012 finalists?

G&M: We hope that our quality Globe and Mail news content will generate more nominations for the 2012 National Newspaper Awards. Until that happens, we are moving ahead with plans to frequently publish our unique content through e-books available to the public.  We have a diverse range of topics that we plan to curate into frequently published e-books in 2012, so stay tuned.

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