Booktango LiveChat Confessions: Helping Content Creators Create a Book

Booktango LiveChat Confessions: Helping Content Creators Create a BookSometimes it can be hard to create a book on your own. At Booktango, we try to both empower you to publish independently and provide you with helpful resources when you need it.

One of coolest options we have is called LiveChat, and it’s your 24/7 connection to real customer support staff. I talked with Earl Dimayuga, our Customer Support Manager, to get a closer look at what authors are saying inside the chat box.

This is when people stop being polite… and start getting real. It’s the Real LiveChat Confessions.

CONFESSION #1: I don’t know how to submit my book.

SOLUTION: It’s not nearly as hard to create a book as you might imagine. Follow these steps.

  1. Get registered. (It’s completely free, by the way.)
  2. Format your manuscript as a Word document or ePUB.
  3. Head to your Author Dashboard and start a new e-book.
  4. Design your cover*, upload your manuscript and give us some basic info for your e-book.
  5. If you’re going the Freetango route, you’ll need to take care of formatting errors here. If you’re going the Time Saver or Trendsetter route, we’ll do that for you.
  6. Hit submit.

* If you want a professional designer to handle this part for you, we got you covered.

CONFESSION #2: I want more than the basics for my e-book. What else can I do for it?

SOLUTION: Protect it, market it, format it, put pictures in it and get it some publicity.

We currently have three different levels of publishing packages. The Freetango package is the most basic; it gives your e-book an ISBN and sends it out to major retailers.

The Time Saver package does that and gives you formatting help and the ability to insert in-text images.

The Trendsetter package does all of that, registers your book as a copyright and gives you 20 BookStubs to boost your book promotion.

Want even more? Check out all that we can do for your e-book here >>

CONFESSION #3: I don’t know my book’s status.

SOLUTION: We’ll tell you when your book is officially published. There are two places you should check: your e-mail and your Author Dashboard. We’ll use both methods to keep you updated on your book’s status.

CONFESSION #4: I want paid. Tell me more about royalties.

SOLUTION: We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Where you can check your royalties: The book sales report will show you how many copies of your book are selling. The royalty report will show you how much cash you’re earning.

When you’ll get your royalties: You’ll be paid quarterly. You’ll see the finalized royalties on your report and have them in your possession about 60 days after the quarter ends.

How you’ll get your royalties:  By default, you’ll be mailed a check. However, if you want to be paid via direct deposit or Electronic Funds Transfer, you can do that too. Learn how >>

It helps to learn from others’ questions. Did you learn anything new?

2 thoughts on “Booktango LiveChat Confessions: Helping Content Creators Create a Book

  1. as someone who has used Booktango LiveChat i want to pay tribute to Earl and his team for the great work that they do in smoothing the path to successful publication.

  2. I have been using BookTango for a short while now. I have to say that this company is an amazing company to work with. You are given the tools to self-publish your work, and are given the kind of customer support that every writer needs! It is an absolutely amazing concept that not only helps the writer, but makes the process so much easier to get through. Major kudos to the “Live Chat” customer services reps for their knowledge and accessibility!!!

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