Booktango is ready for our next season. Are you?

Booktango's BETA season is now over.

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity. At Booktango, we had a BETA season. We tested some different things on our platform and based all of our changes on feedback we received from our most important constituents: you, our authors. Today, we’re confirming that you’ve helped us accomplish our goals. Over the last six months at Booktango we’ve rolled out some incredible features including:

  • Easy-to-use Online Editor
  • DIY Cover Designer
  • Sales Activity and Royalty Reporting
  • You Get it All Royalty Structure

Hundreds of thousands of authors have had the opportunity to check us out, saying things like:

“Booktango has made it so simple to publish an e-book and takes a genuine interest in their authors.”Dermot  

“Publishing a book was the next step in my career.  It’s given me the credibility to obtain more writing jobs and possibly an agent later down the road for more books.” – Michelle

We’ve received some stellar media reviews from news outlets covering technology and publishing including: CNET, Technorati, and Publishing Perspectives.

Last week it was announced that our parent company, Author Solutions, was acquired by Penguin Group.  Penguin is arguably the most innovative of the big six traditional publishers, and their purchase of our parent was validation for indie authors everywhere. In a very short time, we’ve moved to the next season of Booktango.

And it’s all thanks to you. Thank you for helping us create the world’s premier free and easy e-book publishing platform.  We’re committed to continuing to bring you new products and innovative features throughout the year.

Now it’s your turn to tell us what you think.  What does it mean to you to have a company like Penguin backing Booktango?

85 thoughts on “Booktango is ready for our next season. Are you?

  1. I think this is the first step in Booktango becoming the premier e-book publishing company. Congrats! Looking forward to more announcements from you 🙂

  2. Having a company like Penguin behind Booktango removes any doubts that this is a “beta” company. Congratulations.

  3. E-book publishing can be a difficult task for someone without programming experience. I’m really excited about this service and hope to use it for my own publishing. Who has time to learn e-book publishing when they have books to write and sell?

  4. I’ll certainly consider placing my new novel (finished) with you.
    Tom Hubbard

  5. It means that the world of big publishing is taking the world of self-publishing seriously and that’s important. There are not enough agents employed to read all of the delightful stories that have the potential to enrich our lives. The art of story telling is important. It’s the way we as the human race have evolved and grown. I’m thrilled to see that a major publishing company like Penguin has acquired Book Tango. I will be publishing my e-book through you very soon.

  6. My making a comment might be rather premature at this point as I have not yet “officially” linked in to Booktango with my first eBook, which I’m still creating – a children’s book with text and photographs about a ten year old cat tamer named Marcie and a very bad cat named Cecil. However, I have ever intention of using Booktango on this my initial step toward undying fame and unlimited fortune. Quite seriously, in studying Booktango’s approaches and various offerings, and now with this impressive tie-in to Penguin, I am totally committed to becoming a Booktango client.

  7. I am very excited about the opportunities that you offer! I am working on my first e-book and I see your platform as “THE PLATFORM” that I intend to utilize – for the current “in-the-works” ebook and hopefully many more to come. Thank you for such a great service!

  8. Awesome news. This may sound crazy but I decided not to publish with you because of the name book tango. Introduce a publishing company type name or imprint for is and I’m in with 3 books I have.

  9. “Publishing a book was the next step in my career. It’s given me the credibility to obtain more writing jobs and possibly an agent later down the road for more books.” – Michelle

    Honored that you chose me to quote from the survey. Thank you.

    Having Penguin backing Booktango is great. It means that physical book publishers are seeing that the future is in eBooks. This gives us authors that have already launched into that medium a good advantage in a very competitive field.

  10. We’d be honored to publish your e-book, Michelle! What’s the title?

    I love what you said: “The art of story telling is important. It’s the way we as the human race have evolved and grown,” and agree 100 percent!

  11. Booktango gives authors a chance to share their vision with the world unaltered and unadulterated. Any success and interest that comes your way through self-publishing is completely of your own making and therefore a genuine start to your artistic journey.

  12. Booktango makes publishing extremely as easy as 1…2…3 and I was excited to be a part of Beta. I cannot wait to see what you all have in store for us now.

  13. Oh bummer, I missed being one of the 5 to get the freebie! Oh well. Keep up the good work. Hope to get some of my stuff done soon, and get it out to the world.

  14. Hi Ann! We’d love to help you publish your e-books, but unfortuntely, we can’t change our name. (We’re kind of attached to it.) But, thanks for the suggestion! And, if you change your mind, we’ll be here ready to help.

  15. Hi Michele! We agree! And, we’re honored to be your publisher.

    “This gives us authors that have already launched into that medium a good advantage in a very competitive field.” Agreed! It is a competitive field. Do you have any tips for making your book stand out in the marketplace?

  16. This is a very imporatnmt move for all writers and especially for Tango . It gives the writer the reason to but their best foot forward and to give them more of a reason to tell others that Tango is the place to go if they want to be known.

    Tahnks s

    John Trojian, Ph. D. abd

  17. I’ve always heard that nothing is free. I have a completed and professionally edited contemporary southern novel and II would like to go the E-book route but I have many questions that need to be answered. I need to talk to a real person about things I need to know.

  18. I have almost completed my book and want to publish. I have a lot of questions and receive sooooo many e mails from and phone calls from publishers for self publishing. Problem is I have noy been sure what to do or who to use. I have questions and the conversations I have seem to be lacking something. I loo forward to publishing with you if I can get some clear cut answers. Sue Combs-Barbour

  19. Hi Neil,

    We can assure you that Freetango publishing is free. (We do have services and packages that are not free; they include editorial services, marketing services, and custom design services. But, they are completely optional. And since your e-book is already edited, some of these services might be unnecessary!) You can certainly talk to a live person with our 24/7 Live Chat. Here’s a link: .

    We’d love to help you publish your e-book!

  20. So, Penguin have taken over Booktango. I’m not one bit surprised. I knew you could do it. I just hope we continue to get the same excellent service.

  21. Hi Sue,
    We’d love to answer your self-pub questions (and help you publish your e-book)! We can answer your questions here, or if you’d rather talk one-on-one with our customer service team, use this link: for a Live Chat.

  22. I just finished a collection of short stories that I’m sending to print next week. I also want to e-publish but have been very frustrated with the process. I was going to do it all myself, but Booktango seems to have some great services.

  23. Booktango is an amazing resource for the independent content producer. Providing worldwide distribution with the most reputable online retailers, the work of securing sales outlets are covered. I am continually impressed with the offerings and developing features.

  24. Our service will only improve as we get more feedback from our authors. 🙂

    Thanks, Dermot! As an already-published e-book author, do you have any book writing, marketing or selling advice?

  25. Self publishing my book definitely left me with many questions along the way, and I appreciate that I had the “chat live” feature at Booktango. The operators were very quick to respond to my many questions and concerns throughout the process, and it certainly helped the process go much faster. The site is very transparent and easy to navigate. I am glad I was told about this when I was researching platforms on which to publish.

  26. Greeting I love Book Tango next best dancing machine high sky book writing World to be proud of book engaging I am so happy that they have my books Way to to go book tango world eye catching to the next millenium reading . Chat live they are awesome I love them make you feel at home

  27. Hi There

    So far it has been quite good publishing through your site. I’ve uploaded 2 books to you.

    However with my 3rd book, when I loaded an ePub file that had been accepted by several other publishers, every line came up with your error symbol. Every line!

    All I can think is that it didn’t like indents instead of a double space for paragraphs.

    I fixed this and used DOC . This was not much better. This time it was that I used CHAPTER with uppercase for my new chapter headings.

    At this stage I gave up uploading my third book. I hope you refine your checks. I shall try again with this book and hope it becomes easier.

    Ross Richdale

  28. My book is finished and ready to self public and cannot wait to see how many people will like it. It is only 112 pages long but once I add pics it will be longer and better.

  29. Last week I completed an e-book manuscript and uploaded to Booktango editor. Decided to use Timesaver pkg. which is working out great. Your tech dept. did an excellent job professionally formatting the book, which I had not a clue how to do myself using the diy editor. I am very pleased with your services so far. I don’t see how any novice or busy professional could quibble about paying 49.00 to get their ebook freely distributed with 100% royalties – not even processing fees. For me, this is better than fantastic. Getting ready to refer a whole lot of my “closet writer” friends to Booktango to get their projects rolling. Thanks Booktango. You got a good thing going and seemingly a big heart behind it.

    PS. Now what I don’t quite understand is why you charge 150.00 to get copyright (i.e. Trendsetter pkg.) when based on what I’ve been told it’s only 35.00 to do online. I know you have to charge something but that excess fee to me doesn’t add up.

  30. I am a new Booktango member so haven’t had a chance to test out much, but looking forward to finding out more. Hope the buy out doesn’t change your vision or structure.

  31. I’ve tried to use other publishers to reformat my hard copy into an ebook, but their instructions were so confusing and not written in everyday plain language. Once I tried Booktango, I was surprised how easy it was, with all their help and suggestions. The next two books I’m working on will definitely go to Booktango first!

  32. This was great. I tried it out and it was very easy to use. It was my first time, so that’s really saying something. I hope the active product is as easy as the beta.

  33. I started with booktango as a way of therapy, I had surgery and could only use 1 of my arms. I decided if I couldn’t use my body I would use my mind. The people at booktango have been very helpful and informative. I published my last book in May, and with their help and experience, the book received very nice reviews not only locally but nationally. The product was introduced in a very professional way and delivered to a multitude of reputable vendors.
    If you are considering the fine art of writing this is the place to go. although it is different from the old pen to paper way, if you follow the tutorials you will grasp the future of writing and publishing very quickly. If this is your first visit make it your last, there is no further need to search for a reputable publisher..

  34. WOAH! Robin; how about some punctuation? It tok me a while to make sense of your comment from lack of puncutation. Cheers,

  35. Well done, BookTango! To be recognised by an industry heavy-weight is praise enough of the work you do. I found the BookTango e-publishing process so easy. I have yet to sell a book, but hope springs eternal, as they say. Keep it up, you guys!

  36. Hi,

    It’s nice to hear the exciting new features Booktango is undertaking. I m just completing my 1st book with Booktango, and I am quite satisfied with the process. My next project is ready to go in the very near future.


  37. I am very impressed with the personalization you have with me. I feel very comfortable. I am also very impressed with the live chat sessions. They are always helpful and very cordial.

  38. This very helpfull to having and awesome publishisng exsperience. Unfortunately I was at work so could, nnot be the fist five 🙁

  39. I’m a new member to the Booktango community, but I have to say that this company and the personnel are awesome to work with!! They have addressed any and all concerns I had in a timely and professional manner. They treated BOTH my eBook babies like they were their own children.

    Kudos to Booktango and I promo y’all every chance and everyplace I get!

  40. Great! I’m looking forward to publishing the next few titles with Book Tango. I have a crime novel, a horror novelette, and the first of a steampunk inspired series.

  41. I definitely am not on the top 5 comments list, but working with BookTango has been an enriching experience. I have to admit there have been hiccups along the way and I had been losing my patience with some of the staff, but at the end of the day they helped me get my first TWO books published at the start of this month. Thank you BookTango.

    Cheers and congrats, BookTango & team.

  42. Just wondering as one of the first five to comment, how do I receive the free Time Saver package? I’m very interested in getting published and this just might be the first step in the right direction for me. Thanks!

  43. Congrats on being one of the first five, by the way! We’ll let you know how to claim your package by the end of the week! Please keep checking in for more details. 🙂

  44. Whoops – I’m a little slow off the starting block but am ecstatic that Booktango is offering free publishing. Because I struggled to meet the original early July deadline, I almost gave up and went to an alternate free ePublishing site. I’m glad Booktango is indefinitely extending the free service and plan to stick around! By the way, still working on the edits to said book. 🙂

  45. I thank god for you and the good work you are doing to make book writing and publishing an exciting reality. you make our dream of publishing world wide a reality. I am getting ready to forward four of my books for re publication with BookTango .

  46. Please note this correction the small letter g for God is a mistake.
    Africa people are proud of you.

  47. Hi I like the way thing have changed out book need pictures but we have more than is allowed. I thought i read some where that that has changed but can not find the info to let me how many we are now allowed it would be great if it was unlimited.
    We will be working on a new one soon. thanks Booktango.

  48. sorry the out should read our book
    sorry for the boo boo! lol

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  50. Hi Lauren, for what it’s worth, these would be my top three book writing tips:
    1. You should write about what you know about.
    2. You should write at least ten or twenty short stories before you attempt a novel.
    3. You must live in two worlds – the one with everybody else, and the one inside your head where everything is possible and where you never grow old.

  51. Hi Lauren,
    I am actually still in the outline & organize phase here – and about to begin research. Then I will be dedicating blocks of time to the actual writing process 🙂

  52. I’m preparing for the next season already. Even if I’m a little discouraged.

  53. Thanks for posting, Bob. Our new Personal Media Library feature should make our publishing platform a good fit for your book. You’ll be able to include as many images as you want, and you’ll have precise control over how those images are placed throughout your text. Feel free to talk through the details with a Booktango team member via LiveChat. We’re always happy to help! Congratulations on your achievements so far; we wish you and your book continued success!

  54. I recently submitted my manuscript to booktango and I’m very pleased with your service so far:) Very easy to edit my book and I used the live chat feature which was very helpful when I got stuck on the book cover part (turned out I just needed to use this website from Google Chrome). I do have one comment/suggestion though. I recently googled two keywords, books & ebooks to see what showed up in the top 10. For books it looks like I’m covered, all the major retailers you use show up in the top 10. For ebooks though, the very first result I got was I checked out their website and it says to get listed there you need to contact your publisher. Hopefully you can add this retailer to your list because it looks like a major website.

  55. OOPS, I did it again, I was not fast enough, lol. Well, I am still happy to know Booktango!! Thank you for being awesome and ……yes, THERE.

  56. I tried in vain to get Judy from How Can I help to help me with getting someone from editorial staff to email me as i was interested in the Time saver Package.She was very frustrating and of NO HELP whatsoever!I want some person to contact me from editorial re my manuscript please.Someone that will help me and answer my questions not give me the runaround.

  57. Hi Peter,
    We’re so sorry you experienced trouble. We’ve forwarded your request to our Customer Support, so you should be contacted by one of our reps within two business days. Let us know if the issue is not addressed by then.

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