Book Templates Are Dead

Say no to meatgrinders!

When it comes to indie publishing in general, and e-book publishing specifically, there have been many methods, platforms and tools that force you to either give up control over the entire process or to figure everything out by yourself.

With some companies, you blindly send your manuscript through some sort of automated meat grinder process, and you’re left simply hoping that everything will turn out okay on the other end.

At Booktango, we don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all mold for churning out e-books. We’re not an e-book factory. To us, e-books are a work of art. They’re not to be abandoned to automated conversions, forced into set book templates or processed through anything even slightly resembling a meatgrinder. Your manuscript deserves some human attention — a little TLC — as it makes its big transition into the e-book world.

When you upload your manuscript to our online Editor, we’ll automatically fix critical errors that would prevent you from creating a usable e-book file, but the finer details we leave to you. The Booktango Editor shows you where the errors are in your manuscript. We tell you why things are errors, and we actually tell you how to fix them. With our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor, you’ll have a really good idea — as you’re working — what your finished e-book will look like.

Our goal from the very beginning was to create a publishing platform that allowed for the convergence of smart technology, human discretion and individual creativity. And we’re always looking for ways to stay true to that mission. That’s why, just last week, we introduced a couple new features to give our authors even more publishing precision:

Table of Contents Preview

Now, you can preview your table of contents before you publish your book. This allows you to be sure your chapter headings were identified correctly by our Editor — that nothing was skipped over and that each heading listed is actually a chapter you want included. If your table of contents isn’t perfect, don’t worry. You can dive right back in to the Editor and fix what needs fixing.

Personal Media Library

We’ve given our author more control and precision over image inclusion and placement. By uploading your images to your own Personal Media Library, you can clearly organize and save all the images you might want to use in your e-book projects. An “Insert Image” button in the Editor’s toolbar makes it simple to choose the correct image from your gallery and place it exactly where you want it within your e-book’s text.

And coming soon …

Cover Design Experimentation

Very soon, you’ll be able to save multiple versions of your cover in the online Cover Designer. This will give you the change to experiment with different images, typefaces, colors and layouts. By saving a variety of cover design creations, you’ll be able to take your time, compare and contrast your options, and ultimately select the best possible design for your e-book.

With Booktango, there’s no guessing, no breath holding and no meat grinders churning. We won’t force your manuscript into some book template or automated process it doesn’t belong in. Instead, we offer pure creative control that lets you do what’s right for your book.

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  2. I am using “Booktango” my book “RATAMAE” is coming in out in a couple of weeks. Have a second book working on. The staff is great in the chat room…

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