Book Reviews in the Blogosphere

Times are certainly changing with the rise of e-book publishing. It makes sense that book marketing is evolving right along with it. No longer are reviews confined to newspapers and magazines. Today, book review bloggers even have their own convention in New York City called the BEA Bloggers Conference!

But, how do you get a book review from a well-known blogger?

1.)    Build relationships. Popular book bloggers get bombarded with review requests every single day. Make sure you don’t just email them out of the blue with a plea to review your book. That’s like asking someone you just met to house sit while you’re away for the weekend. Not gonna happen.
2.)    Give them a timely reason to review your book. Don’t be that person who simply claims to have the next New York Times Best Seller title. Maybe you do, but that’s a claim bloggers hear over and over and over again. Does your book revolve around a holiday? Pitch it then. Or how about a relevant world/national event (i.e. The Olympics or the presidential campaign)?
3.)    Share a little love. Join a book review community and submit your own reviews for fellow authors; you just might receive the love in return. Karma can be an author’s best friend.           
4.)    Invest a little mula. If you’re really serious about getting a book review from a highly reputable service, you might want to check out our new services, Kirkus Indie Review and Blogger Review. Plus, if your Kirkus Indie Review is completed between April and December 2012, Meredith Vieira Productions will consider your book for film and TV adaptation by assessing your review. How cool is that?

No matter how you go about landing a book review, one thing is clear: a review can boost your book’s credibility and potentially lead to more sales.

How have you tried generating book reviews from bloggers?

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