Book Marketing: Timing is Everything

Book Marketing: Timing is Everything

Successfully promoting your book isn’t about a big break or an overnight sensation. You have to create a plan of action around a strategic timeframe. Too often authors become so excited with the thought of publishing their book that they forget to use their release date to their advantage. What do I mean exactly?

Your book’s release date shouldn’t just be a random date

Let’s look at a hypothetical situation: author J.J. Cook has a cookbook about pumpkin pies. She wants to publish it now; however, it’d be smart to wait a few months. Why? Because how many people are really thinking about pumpkin pies in February? The majority of folks have snowstorms or Valentine’s Day on their mind. J.J. Cook gives herself a better opportunity to initially sell more copies by waiting a few months to publish her cookbook when it’s closer to fall and Thanksgiving when pumpkin pies are traditionally on everyone’s mind a bit more.

Use free publicity to the best of your advantage, such as around holidays or events related to your book.  Release your book on or close to a date that is meaningful to your book’s subject. Book about sports? Release it on an anniversary or around the Super Bowl if it’s about football.

Do the work for the media and increase your chance of exposure

This gives you the advantage and makes you more appealing to the media. You’re not just another self-published book; you’re strategically positioning your book in a way that makes you instantly more appealing to the media since you’re giving them a storyline to go along with their article, interview, whatever.

Don’t forget to build your marketing platform

If you want to make the most out of potential book sales, you have to create a marketing strategy that gives you the best advantage. But, too often authors forget another key point: an author platform. Even if you have a planned book release date, you can’t just publish it and expect others to magically find it. You have to do some work before you publish your book in order to generate some excitement about your published book! Create a Facebook page, Twitter account and blog solely for your writing career. From there you can add marketing services that fit your goals.  

A carefully thought out release date with a strong marketing platform built leading up to your release date sets you and your book up for success. Did you release your book on a specific date or just at random?

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