The Best Things in Life are Free

The best things in life really are free.Earlier this week, we announced that the first five authors who commented on Tuesday’s blog post about the end of Booktango’s beta website would receive a free Time Saver package.

Well, we had such an overwhelming response that we couldn’t possibly just leave everyone who participated high and dry. We’re excited to announce some changes to our little contest:

  • The first five comments (Georgette Pann, Michelle Brinson, Leah, Heather Robinson, and Laryssa) will now receive a Trendsetter package.
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Booktango is ready for our next season. Are you?

Booktango's BETA season is now over.

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity. At Booktango, we had a BETA season. We tested some different things on our platform and based all of our changes on feedback we received from our most important constituents: you, our authors. Today, we’re confirming that you’ve helped us accomplish our goals. Over the last six months at Booktango we’ve rolled out some incredible features including:

  • Easy-to-use Online Editor
  • DIY Cover Designer
  • Sales Activity and Royalty Reporting
  • You Get it All Royalty Structure Continue reading

Book Reviews in the Blogosphere

Times are certainly changing with the rise of e-book publishing. It makes sense that book marketing is evolving right along with it. No longer are reviews confined to newspapers and magazines. Today, book review bloggers even have their own convention in New York City called the BEA Bloggers Conference!

But, how do you get a book review from a well-known blogger?

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Book Templates Are Dead

Say no to meatgrinders!

When it comes to indie publishing in general, and e-book publishing specifically, there have been many methods, platforms and tools that force you to either give up control over the entire process or to figure everything out by yourself.

With some companies, you blindly send your manuscript through some sort of automated meat grinder process, and you’re left simply hoping that everything will turn out okay on the other end.

At Booktango, we don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all mold for churning out e-books. We’re not an e-book factory. To us, e-books are a work of art. They’re not to be abandoned to automated conversions, forced into set book templates or processed through anything even slightly resembling a meatgrinder. Your manuscript deserves some human attention — a little TLC — as it makes its big transition into the e-book world.

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Is Digital Rights Management Limiting Your Freedom?

Is Digital Rights Management Limiting Your Freedom

Publishing a book is a wonderful achievement, and you probably want to protect it from being pilfered. But protecting your book using digital rights management tools may not be in your best interest.

Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is designed to protect your content online by “locking content into an account, requiring a password to open a file, making use of a hardware key, or applying digital watermarks,” according to American Libraries blog e-Content.

I would argue that rights are liberating, but DRM is, in fact, restricting. Consider this, DRM “controls what you can do with the digital media and devices you own,” according to Defective by Design. So, it can prevent people from sharing your work. In other publishing, such as the magazine industry, relies on the pass along rate, the rough number of times a magazine issue gets handed off to a non-subscriber. When friends share an issue with other friends, people can taste the content and may decide to purchase that magazine. With DRM, pass along is eliminated, and so goes your chances of finding new readers using that method.

The same idea is important for books too. Recently, I purchased a book, not because it was recommended to me, but my friend gave me a copy to borrow. I read the first chapter, was hooked,  logged onto Amazon, and that author made a sale. Continue reading

Earn the Most: Free E-book Publishing Online Is Now Even More Amazing

Today we’re making a major announcement at Booktango: the extension of our 100 percent royalty program indefinitely.  For authors, this means that you can publish with Booktango knowing that we aren’t taking a cut of your royalties. No hidden fees, no small print, nada. We’ve done the impossible. We’ve made free e-book publishing online even better.

Earn the most: Free E-book Publishing Online

And, we know what you’re thinking: There has to be a catch somewhere, right? Some authors have trepidation when they hear, “you can have it all.”  But it’s true, and here’s the mathematical proof.

Royalties math

Not all authors are looking for free e-book publishing online. Some look at our services and decide that they could really use some help.  Sure you can (Free)tango, but some authors value their time and choose to go the route of our Time Saver package. Others want to get a leg-up on book promotion and choose our Trendsetter package, which includes 20 BookStubs. Continue reading

Booktango LiveChat Confessions: Helping Content Creators Create a Book

Booktango LiveChat Confessions: Helping Content Creators Create a BookSometimes it can be hard to create a book on your own. At Booktango, we try to both empower you to publish independently and provide you with helpful resources when you need it.

One of coolest options we have is called LiveChat, and it’s your 24/7 connection to real customer support staff. I talked with Earl Dimayuga, our Customer Support Manager, to get a closer look at what authors are saying inside the chat box.

This is when people stop being polite… and start getting real. It’s the Real LiveChat Confessions.

CONFESSION #1: I don’t know how to submit my book.

SOLUTION: It’s not nearly as hard to create a book as you might imagine. Follow these steps. Continue reading

Freemium: The Art of Giving Your New E-book Away

How do you normally research items you’re going to buy? I typically ask friends, neighbors and family members for their recommendations. So, how do you get readers to recommend your book to loved ones? By giving your e-book away for free (yes, for free), you can boost the chances of having readers tell their friends, “You’ve got to read (insert title of your book here).”

For many unknown authors, giving away their book as opposed to selling it for $4.99 or even $0.99 is a great jumping off point to propel your marketing efforts. But even already established authors, such as Seth Godin, are fans of giving away free copies of books. By giving away free e-book downloads for your title, you’re encouraging others to promote your book by word-of-mouth. Plus, there are various lists, like “Top 100 Free Ebooks” (which is listed right alongside the Bestsellers on Amazon) or “20 Best Websites to Download Free EBooks.” You never know who might stumble upon your book.

Here’s why you should start giving your book away to strangers:
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