20 spooky writing prompts to keep you up all night (better check under your bed one more time!)

You are a writer; you have a story to tell the world. Writing comes easy to you, and the words just flow out like honey. What’s that? You have writers block and are currently trying to decide between either banging your head on your desk or crying like a baby? Ahhh … the reality of writing is sometimes vastly different than the poetic dream.

Let us help spur you on to greatness with some spooky Halloween writing prompts. These may take your mind to scary, dark places. Proceed with caution!

  1. You have the option to be a ghost for one day. Who would you haunt, and how?
  2. If you had the ability to talk to the dead, would you?
  3. If you could interview one person who is no longer living, who would you interview?
  4. What is the greatest horror story of all time? What made it great?
  5. What happened to that monster that used to live under your bed? Where is he now?
  6. Tell the story of zombies taking over Disney World. What do they destroy first? What do they keep?
  7. Describe the perfect monster. What does he look like? What can he do?
  8. If two monsters were debating, who would moderate the debate? What would be the hot topics?
  9. You are a zombie with only 24 hours to reek havoc on the world … how do you fill the 24 hours?
  10. Scales or fur? What makes for a better covering for an alien?
  11. A zombie’s child is trying to make it in a human school. What traits does he struggle with the most when it comes to fitting in?
  12. What is the one animal that is still alive on the last day of the earth’s existence?
  13. If aliens told you the world was ending tomorrow and asked that you and your children follow them to a special car … would you go?
  14. What is the Zombie Code of Conduct?
  15. You wake up in an insane asylum in a straitjacket, tied down to a metal bed with no recollection of how you got there. How do you escape?
  16. Monsters have infiltrated society, but with defense mechanisms discrete enough to still pose as humans. What are their secret skills that will take out the humans? A poisonous touch? Lethal nails? Hair made of liquid metal?
  17. What was scariest dream you ever had as a child?
  18. Explain what happened the night you were in a cemetery, and you witnessed a dead man climb out of his coffin. Where did he go? What did he do?
  19. If you had to sleep with 100 rats or 100 snakes, which would you choose?
  20. You finally found the one thing that will stop the zombies … what is it?

Share a portion of your writing below in the comments…if you dare!

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