10 Tips to Nailing your Author Interview

Securing an author interview on the radio or TV can be an excellent way to promote your book. These ten tips will help you know what to do before, during and after the interview.

Before the interview:

Research the show and host. Take time to listen to or watch the show you will be interviewed on. Notice things about the host – is he/she funny? Deadpan? Boring? This will help you know what to expect when you are being interviewed.

Send your bio and book. A host will appreciate knowing more about you and your book, and if possible, read your book.

Write questions. Hosts will appreciate a list of questions they could ask you about your book. If possible, include your answers so they will know what to expect you to say in the interview.

Know your time. It’s important to know how long you will be interviewed. Preparing for a five minute interview is very different than preparing for an hour long interview.

During the interview:

Sum it up. Practice summing up the premise of your book in one or two sentences. Keep the summary general enough to tell listeners what your book is about, but steer clear of giving too much detailed information.

Answer the questions. Try to answer the questions briefly and completely. Pause before answering to gather your thoughts.

Be brief. There are parts of your book you could spend a lot of time talking about. Be careful not to waste time on small characters, plot lines or details of your book that distract from the primary reason you are on the show.

Be interesting. This is a great moment for you and your book to shine! Let your true personality come through and engage with the host and the audience.

Give to the audience. Give them a taste of what your book is about so they will be intrigued to read it. You may consider doing a book giveaway on your blog or website for listeners who visit after the show.

After the interview:

Write a thank you note. In our digital age, a handwritten thank you note says a lot. Take a moment after the interview to write a thank you note to everyone who interviewed you or helped you through the interview process. Who knows, they might have you back in the future!

What did you learn after your first author interview? Share your advice in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information. Even after being interviewed several times I still learned something from this, such as being brief when answering questions.

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