Title Leading Story – Writing Tips from R.L. Stine

Did you know that the national bestselling children’s author R.L. Stine comes up with his story ideas for his books by beginning with the title of the book? Spooky, right? It’s so different, but guess what? It obviously works. He has sold more than 350 million books and writes six books a year in his Goosebumps series!

Video courtesy of the Author Learning Center

His technique is the reverse of what most authors would do, but it shows us that there is more than one way to create new stories. It is also a great example of how to play on our strengths. He proves that you should do what works for you and you just might find success. So, try different techniques with your own story development and keep tweaking it until you find something that fits your style.

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What are some of your writing habits that defy what’s considered the norm in the writing world?

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