Reset and Resub: How to Make an E-book and Keep it Fresh with New Information

How to Make an E-book and Keep it Fresh with New Content“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Any author knows that a fine piece of art — such as your e-book — occasionally needs some tweaking. Even when you have proofread, edited and put that final shine on your book, you may have some ideas later that would make it even better.

Perhaps you find a few lingering typos that you need to correct; or maybe you decide your cover should “pop” more, and you want to spruce up the image, colors or text fonts.

At Booktango, we respect your need as an author to make an e-book better. We understand you need to keep your book fresh and make changes based on your own review or on feedback from book buyers, family and friends. Whatever the reason, we’re here to make it as simple as we can for you.

First, let’s start with the basics and explain the terminology in the title of this blog post.

What’s a Reset?

A “reset” is an option available during Booktango publishing limbo — that short period of time after you have clicked the “Make It So” button to publish your e-book … but before your e-book has been completed and becomes available on the Booktango bookstore and other retail sites. Using the reset feature will allow you to halt the publishing process, go back to your e-book and change anything you would like before it ever hits digital shelves. You can update the title, your author name, price, marketing text, manuscript, cover design, etc.

But you’ve got to act fast – Our team works quickly to complete the publishing process; so once your book enters the final production phases, the reset feature will no longer be available. To use the reset feature, contact our Publishing Services Associates through live chat or via email at

What’s a Resub?

“Resub” is short for “Resubmission.” This is an option available to you after your e-book has been published and is available for sale in online retail stores. You may choose to use the resubmission feature as a way to spruce up your e-book to increase sales, make minor content updates or meet personal preferences. Resubmitting your e-book allows you to make changes to your manuscript, marketing text or cover design without changing the ISBN. The only things you can’t change are your title, subtitle and author name, because your ISBN is tied to this information. Everything else is available for editing at your discretion (here are some best practices you’ll want to stick to). Best of all, we will leave your current title available for sale until you complete your revisions. This allows you the opportunity to maximize sales of your e-book.

A resubmission works very similarly to the reset functionality mentioned above … except you will be able to initiate the process yourself (without contacting customer support). From your dashboard, simply click on any e-book title that is already listed as “Title Live.” You will find the “resubmit” button to the right of your e-book details. Click the button to start the process, and confirm that it is what you really want to do. Once you confirm, your e-book will once again become available for editing in the Editor, Cover Designer and E-book Details. Once you’re satisfied with your editing, complete the submission process just as you did the first time; and we’ll get the updated version out to retailers as soon as possible.

Need formatting assistance? If you originally purchased a Time Saver, Defender (no longer available) or Trendsetter package, the free formatting and correction service included in your original package purchase will not carry forward to your resubmission. If you need additional formatting and correction help during your resubmission, you will need to purchase that service again. Sales from the old version and the new version of your e-book will still be aggregated for you in our sales and royalty reporting.

We continue to be focused on feedback from our authors and are thrilled to keep delivering new features that add value. If you have feedback on these features or any you’d like us to consider for upcoming releases, please share your ideas with us!

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  1. Thanks for the reply Dermot; we love our authors and really enjoy the feedback to help us improve!

  2. That’s Great I am new to BookTango and look forwad to publishing with you long term. My first Ebook which I did mostly on my own with help from your great live help, Your company information was great and pretty straight forward. I learned a lot about e book publishing. Thanks for offering your free basic plan, That got me started and this post will make if easier for me to update my book (books) when needed. Great job guys

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