Keep Calm and Run Your Report – New Royalty and Sales Reporting from Booktango

Keep Calm and Run Your Report

It’s human nature. We all have self talk with ourselves on a daily basis: How am I doing? What could I do better? How do I measure up?

We live in a competitive world with constant pressure to do our best. But in order to have a real understanding of where you stand, you need to have the right measuring stick. Measuring the success of your published e-books is no different.

Working with authors and internal customer service departments for over two years now, I know there is one word that can bring anxiety to an author who is trying to measure their book success: royalties.

That’s why we at Booktango put ourselves in the author’s shoes and tried to imagine what you would want to see from a sales and royalty reporting perspective. I know one of the things that frustrates me most when I look at my bank or credit card statement is the inflexibility of the information presented to me. I can’t filter, sort or see the data in a meaningful, organized way that meets my personal needs. With that in mind, we worked to create a system of reporting that lets you customize the information that’s important to you. We give you the Who, What, Where, When and How of your sales. We give you the tools you need to organize that data however you wish. And we do it all for free. That’s right: a free publisher that provides free, top-notch royalty and sales reporting.

Watch this video for a quick overview of Booktango’s royalty and sales reporting features.

The Who

Based on commitments to consumer privacy, we can’t provide you with the exact “whos” who are buying your e-book. We do, however, provide you with some helpful information regarding the location (when available to us) of your new readers. Knowing where your buyers are coming from should give you some insights into who your book’s audience really is.

The What 

You probably want to know what customers are buying. Are you selling more mobi versions than ePub? Is anyone buying a PDF version? Selling a lot of mobi versions means most of your buyers are using Kindle devices. Knowing which formats are being purchased can give you an important glimpse into how your e-book is being read.

The Where

One of the most important things to consider is where your books are being purchased. Did you sell more copies at Amazon than Apple? Where did you earn the most money? Which retailer offers you the most money for your e-book sale? (Spolier alert: it’s the Booktango Bookstore.) This information helps you point friends, family and customers to the right link to buy your e-book and earn you more money. 

The When

You’ll of course want to know when your books are selling. Did you have a great month in May? Maybe there were some activities in the news or social media that helped drive people to your book that you can use to your advantage again in the future. We allow the flexibility to run your reports for a given day, week, month, quarter, year or even the lifetime of your book, if you’d like. For any date range you want to enter, we’ll run a report for it.

The How

Finally, there’s the how — the piece of our reporting I am most excited about. We’ve done our best to take customer feedback and best practices to make our reporting as flexible as possible. You can sort on any column. You can filter by title, date, format, ISBN or royalty status. Columns can be hidden, or additional columns with even more data can be revealed. Need a copy? No problem. You can export any report to an Excel, comma delimited or PDF file for your records.

The Money

Of course, no sales and reporting feature is complete without showing you the money! We will break down your sales to tell you which are finalized (paid), and which are estimated (when a quarterly reporting period is still in progress). Need to match the payment received to the calculations? No problem. The Royalty Statement link is grouped by quarters (view our quarterly schedule) and will show you only finalized and paid amounts.

Our royalty and sales reporting is one of the most exciting features we have released for Booktango, and I hope our authors will feel the same about the information now available to them. As always, we love to hear feedback (good and bad), so let us know what you think.

The next time you wake up at 2 a.m. wondering how your e-book measures up, simply stay calm and run your report!

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  2. Glad you’re excited about the new features, Alston! We aim to create the most user-friendly experiences possible for our authors; it’s always nice to hear feedback that affirms we’re on the right track. Thank you.

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