Earn the Most: Free E-book Publishing Online Is Now Even More Amazing

Today we’re making a major announcement at Booktango: the extension of our 100 percent royalty program indefinitely.  For authors, this means that you can publish with Booktango knowing that we aren’t taking a cut of your royalties. No hidden fees, no small print, nada. We’ve done the impossible. We’ve made free e-book publishing online even better.

Earn the most: Free E-book Publishing Online

And, we know what you’re thinking: There has to be a catch somewhere, right? Some authors have trepidation when they hear, “you can have it all.”  But it’s true, and here’s the mathematical proof.

Royalties math

Not all authors are looking for free e-book publishing online. Some look at our services and decide that they could really use some help.  Sure you can (Free)tango, but some authors value their time and choose to go the route of our Time Saver package. Others want to get a leg-up on book promotion and choose our Trendsetter package, which includes 20 BookStubs.

However you’ve chosen to e-publish, we’d like to say thanks and congratulate all of our writers on becoming accomplished authors.  While we can’t celebrate all of you in one blog post, here are a few of our books you might want to check out:

The best thing we can do together is celebrate our collective success. And when it comes to your e-book sales, we allow you to earn the most – to get it all.  Sure, not every author is going to have the same level of success, but at Booktango every author has the opportunity for success.

Whether you make a purchase with us or not, three facts remain when it comes to Booktango: you get a fast, free and easy publishing platform; your e-book will be available on all popular e-readers; and you’ll make the most on your e-book sales. 

Hey, we didn’t come up with this awesome plan. We asked you, our authors, what you want most from an e-book publisher. Then we listened and created Booktango.

We’re not done creating yet. There is more to come and we’d like to know what you would like to see next.  So tell us here.  How can we make e-book publishing more awesome? What resources do you need to take your e-book further? What books are you reading from the Booktango bookstore, and which have you recommended to your friends? We’re listening. Leave your recommendation, opinion, or otherwise witty comment below.


22 thoughts on “Earn the Most: Free E-book Publishing Online Is Now Even More Amazing

  1. Dear Booktango, I can’t think of any suggestions right now because I’m too stunned, but I just want to say that I LOVE you. This is truly fantastic. I sell novelettes at $0.99 because I think that’s the best price for that length of of fiction, but the last retailer I sold with penalized writers of inexpensive ebooks with a ridiculously low royalty rate. This 100% royalty is great news for both authors (for obvious reasons) AND readers (because writers can keep our prices low). Thanks again!


  2. I have found that Book Tango is the best publishing company that I have found so far! Thank you guys for all you do!

  3. Hi Gemma,
    We’re so thrilled to help authors like you and readers alike. How many novelettes have you written? Do you have any e-book marketing tips?

  4. Thanks, Leesia!
    We’re happy to have helped you publish My Game. What was the editorial process like for your book? Do you have any editing tips for fellow indie authors?

  5. Not all writers are fully computer literate. I am a writer because I have written eight novels but I don’t profess to be an author because I have published nothing. Frankly the process is too complicated so I have enlisted the help of two IT experts and both have told me that special software is needed for the manuscripts and also for the cover picture. In addition the process is cumbersome and time consuming. What would help illiterates like me would be a simplifying, all-encompassing software download which would enable us to load direct from word, add a cover picture and transfer to your system. Is this possible? I have no idea.

  6. Hi Ken,
    Other than Microsoft Word, you don’t need any special software to publish with us. You just need your manuscript to be in a Word document. When you upload your document to our Publisher, we’ll help you with the formatting to turn it into an e-book. You can upload your own book cover image, too. It’s all part of our Publisher. No complicated software necessary.
    Let us know if you have any more questions! We’re happy to help and excited to see your published e-books. Can you tell us anything about them?

  7. Hi Thomas,
    We’re glad to help. Unfortunately, you can’t upload both your text and your images at the same time. Try uploading your text first (it should be less than 5 MB without the images). Once you’re in our Publisher, you can insert the images separately.
    Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any more questions.

  8. Dear Book tango team,
    I am so pleased to write up here regarding the opportunity you provided to eBook service providing. well, its nice to know that is why my book under the title “kaghan valley through an artists eyes” which is now available on the few eBook stores but so far i have not received any amount of it in the form of royalty for which you have already mentioned to us through your website information and definitely i have followed what you have said, now you are providing full opportunity to have every penny of it well, nice its my good luck if its happens so, i am looking forward to have it. I really appreciate your company who has done such a marvelous work providing the authors around the world to have such a lucrative and easy approaching opportunity thats great.

  9. Hi Muhammad,
    Thanks for the kind words! We’re honored to help publish your work. You can track your e-book sales in the “Dashboard” section of our website (you should see a link on the top menu bar for “sales report”). Have you started the book marketing process yet?

  10. Hi Laura! So far I’ve published one novelette and am in the final stages of editing another. I have one completed novel and several others in various stages of the writing process, but have decided to focus on short fiction for a while.

    Marketing has actually been one of my challenges, especially because I write fiction for young adults, so I’m not marketing to my peers. Twitter has been a great resource for connecting with other authors, but not so much for finding readers. I plan to work on a marketing campaign once I’ve published a few more stories, so that traffic driven to my website/blog can potentially yield more than one sale. I imagine it will include advertisements on Facebook, relevant blogs, etc., but am still brainstorming ideas.

  11. Gemma,

    Glad to hear you’ve had a great experience with us. We really appreciate hearing from our authors. Here are a few thoughts for you when it comes to marketing: 1. Consider your audience who are they and where do they get information. 2. What topics are they already talking about that are related to your book? For example you could play off of the highly successful app Words with Friends to garner attention for your e-book. 3. Develop an elevator speech for your book. (i.e. What would you say to someone about your book in a 1 story elevator ride that would get them to say, “I’ve got to check out this book.”) 4. OK this one is a bit of a sales pitch but the great thing about books is that we love to share them with our friends. BookStubs make e-books shareable. Say your at an event and you meet someone who is interested in your book, what do you hand them? A BookStub is like a gift card that you can hand to them that will allow them to download a free copy of your book. You might be wondering why give away a free copy? As Michael Hyatt has said and I’m paraphrasing, “without recommendations of your book as an author your dead in the water.” Hope you find this helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions.



  12. When I first encountered Booktango, I had already had experience of failed publishing. I self published two books, one of which I have susequently withdrawn. I tried the Amazon route recently. They offer free software to produce a Kindle version of any book. However, nothing came close to the service provided by Booktango. The very fact that one file produces all forms on E-Book is great. The support on cover production is also a plus. But, most importantly of all, I do not get swamped with mails asking me to invest in some marketing ploy. The only mails I do get offer me something of benefit, like the survey that is providing me with Book Stubs. All in all, so far, publishing Soul Passage has been a rewarding experience.

  13. Thanks Michael, that’s great to hear! What do you plan on doing with your BookStubs? They’re perfect marketing tools, but they also make good gifts for friends and family!

  14. Chris, it has to be said that Booktango is like a breath of fresh air. If “everyone has a book in them”, then Booktango has the business model and the technology to make it happen. Anyone who ever dreamed of writing a book can now make that dream come true thanks to Booktango. Keep up the good work,

  15. Wow – what a great offer and great news. I have only published 1 book and it was a big learning curve. I would love to write more and have income that supports my time, effort and creations. And for it to be accessible with the new forms of reading.

  16. I intend to give the bookstubs as gifts. However, I intend to give them to people who are genuine readers and will spread the word about Soul Passage.

  17. That is awesome news and thank you for featuring my book. I can’ think of a suggestion to make the process easier because it was pretty self-explanatory but it will be exciting to see publishing offered in Spanish. Because BookTango doesn’t offer it yet, I had to find a separate publisher since I wrote the book in both Spanish and English but it will definitely make things easier in the future for those who want to publish a title in both languages.

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