E-book 2013 Summer Reading List

E-book 2013 Summer Reading List

Summer for me – as it is for most readers – is a time for long road trips, family vacations and weekends spent enjoying long summer nights. Thankfully these are all perfect opportunities to catch up on some reading. I own a Kindle Fire and am a member of Goodreads, so it’s usually easy to find and download the latest bestsellers or discover a new book or author off the beaten path.

During the summer I sometimes dive into the classics (I can never tire of reading Pride and Prejudice or Frankenstein) or pick up a romance novel (the plots are typically gag-worthy but an easy read) or return to my favorite series from my favorite authors (my copies of Harry Potter and Dark Tower are falling apart). I’m currently reading A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin (yes, I jumped on the bandwagon due to the popularity of the HBO show) and Penpal by Dathan Auerbach (a relatively unknown author who got his start on a horror forum).

Here at Booktango we have hundreds of new titles published every month. So, it can be tough to sort through all of our options, but what a lucky problem to have, right? I’ll highlight a few titles that I think are a fun summer read while you’re lounging on the beach or, for those who are stay-vacationing like me, on your porch while enjoying an adult beverage, which happens to be one of my favorite summer pastimes:

Right to Kill: A Brooklyn Tale by Jim McGinty is an action-packed book following Sean Cercone, a Marine who fought in the Vietnam War only to return to the war fields soon after to carry out a vengeful mission.

Awaken: a Blood Angel Novel by Nina Soden is a part horror thriller, part tender romance where heroine Alee Moyer comes into the world under a cloud of mystery and death-defying odds only to struggle to find her purpose in life.

The Unearthly Travails of Gabriel McGregor by Brad Ulreich has been a Booktango bestseller for several months. It’d be a great addition to your pre-teen’s reading list!

My taste in books obviously won’t fit everyone’s personal preference, so make sure to browse through our New Releases (updated each week), Bestsellers and Noteworthy titles (both updated each month).

What are you reading this summer? Share your comments below! I’m always in search of a title that strikes my fancy.

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  1. Bench mark moment – 16 titles published in under 2 years, the latest was Inspirations of the Heart 6, I have 13 ebooks and 3 traditional books – I’m excited about what is to come in the next year

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