Unleashing the Discipline of Creative Writing


 I have a raggedy yellow piece of paper that my father gave me about 30 years ago.  Written on it are these words, “Nothing great was ever accomplished without discipline.”

Today, you might be feeling fearful about how to finish a manuscript, find readers for your book or come up with something worthwhile to say in your blog.  Take a walk. Get out of familiar space and allow your mind to wander. Find your joy in simple things. Be thankful. Reflect on goals that you have accomplished in the past. Remember, you have a choice to make. You can listen to the excuses or you can get busy doing something great.

Stay disciplined even when you don’t feel like it. It sometimes means getting out of your writer’s chair and moving onto other things for a little while. I’ve found that sometimes I get inspiration from things that may seem to have nothing to do with what I’m writing about.

The truth is no one wants you to fail at what you’re doing. So get rid of all the negative voices in your head. Where did those come from anyway? We’re all waiting to discover the next great read and celebrate it with our friends. Imagine what that celebration looks like when people are talking about your book.  Experience tells me when we take time to reflect on our past successes and envision our future, we unlock our creativity.

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