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A little over a month has passed since we merged our Booktango authors into a new bookstore along with Book Country. While most of the move went smoothly, I wanted to take a few minutes to offer some clarity and answer some of the most common questions.

I’ve been gathering the questions that have come in the most to customer support both at Booktango and Book Country and compiled them below:

What do I need to do as a result of the bookstore move?
For the most part, absolutely nothing! The only recommendation we make is that if you have linked your book on websites, social media or otherwise that you update those links for the new store. However, if you wish to leave them as is we have automatic redirects in place to make sure your audience still reaches your book detail page.  The link change is simple.
If your book used to be available at then the new link would be

Do I have to redo all my books on Book Country?
Nope! There is nothing you have to do. We moved your books to the new bookstore and everything else stays the same. You can still view your dashboard, sales reports and even publish more books on Booktango just like you always have.

I tried to login to Book Country and received an error, why?
If you’d like to join the Book Country community (and we highly recommend you do!) you’ll need to create a separate login and password for Book Country. Your Booktango credentials still only work on Booktango. You can register for Book Country here.

Why aren’t my books on my dashboard when I log into Book Country?
Your books are still with Booktango. The only change we made is where your books are available for sale. You will still manage your books from the Booktango dashboard and should log in there to see your book status, make revisions, check sales, etc.

Why are there no sales showing when I run my sales report on Book Country?
Your sales information is still provided on Booktango (even your Book Country bookstore sales). Booktango is still your publisher and retains all your book information. Having your books for sale on the Book Country bookstore was the only change we made.

Do I contact Book Country support now when I have a question about my book(s)?
No. You should continue to contact Booktango customer support for any questions related to your book. Our representatives are also trained to assist you with any questions around your books on the Book Country bookstore. Be sure to reach out to us by email or live chat. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I still publish on Booktango?
Absolutely! Feel free to finish books in progress, upload new books, or edit and revise your existing books.

Can I publish with Book Country?
You have a choice. For new books you can publish with either Booktango or Book Country. Our toolsets are very similar. If you wish to move an existing book from Booktango to Book Country, you will first need to cancel your Booktango book and remove it from distribution. After this is complete, you can upload and republish on Book Country. Please be aware the terms and conditions between Book Country and Booktango are different and if you choose to switch publishers you will be subject to the terms and conditions of the new site.

Can you transfer everything over to Book Country for me? 
No, we cannot. Your books are automatically in the bookstore and any future books you publish with Booktango will also appear there. If you would like to distribute your books under the Book Country imprint you will need to register with Book Country. If you decide to cancel your books with Booktango and republish with Book Country you will be under their contract terms and rates.

Can I participate in the Book Country community and still remain a Booktango author?
ABSOLUTELY! Book Country is an excellent site for authors and they would welcome your participation with open arms! Check out their tools including discussion forums, peer reviews of works in progress, connecting with other, and much much more.

Have more questions you think I missed above? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to answer!

3 thoughts on “Clarifying bookstore merge with Book Country

  1. Could you please inform me as to your acceptance of books where I have quoted from the bible so often that 30-40% of the book is scripture, is this acceptable for you to print?
    Also, no cost is listed here or info concerning the costs.

  2. Hi Lyle, thanks for your reply and questions. Booktango requires at least 75% of your manuscript be original content.
    We offer a variety of packages including a FREE option. You can check them out here
    Finally, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 live chat if you have any more questions. You can find the button on any page of the site.

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