7 Traits of a Great E-book Design

You already know Booktango makes it easy for you to publish your e-book. But, not all e-readers are created equal, so it’s always nice to have little reminders of what universally works before you upload your manuscript. Make sure to follow these seven traits of a great e-book design, which came straight from our e-book design experts:

  1. High resolution cover. Professional-looking covers need to be high-resolution – at least 200 ppi (pixels per inch)
  2. Consistent style. Make sure your style flows throughout the book. You don’t want your readers to feel like they’re in a different book with each flip of a page that has a new layout, random pictures or different font type. Continue reading

And the Survey says … Design Your Book Cover with Confidence

Feature Release: Side-by-Side Book Cover Compare and Social Media Sharing

A few months ago I wrote a post about three valuable elements of great book cover design. Those elements included:

  1. Create a title that evokes curiosity
  2. Create a compelling visual
  3. Design with the reduced visibility of your cover in mind

Sometimes as authors we can get so close to crafting our book that we forget we’re not the audience for our book. For example, we might design our book cover based on the colors and visual elements we like instead of thinking about what our audience might like. In a former life as an ad executive for JWT, I found we often needed to remind our clients, “It’s not about you; it’s about your customers.” In your case, as an author, sometimes you need to remember, “It’s not about you; it’s about the people who will read your book and tell their friends about it.”

There are times when you know in your gut what your audience wants in a book cover. There are other times when it would be ideal if you could solicit feedback from prospective readers and allow their feedback to guide your design.  Continue reading

Booktango is ready for our next season. Are you?

Booktango's BETA season is now over.

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity. At Booktango, we had a BETA season. We tested some different things on our platform and based all of our changes on feedback we received from our most important constituents: you, our authors. Today, we’re confirming that you’ve helped us accomplish our goals. Over the last six months at Booktango we’ve rolled out some incredible features including:

  • Easy-to-use Online Editor
  • DIY Cover Designer
  • Sales Activity and Royalty Reporting
  • You Get it All Royalty Structure Continue reading

Book Templates Are Dead

Say no to meatgrinders!

When it comes to indie publishing in general, and e-book publishing specifically, there have been many methods, platforms and tools that force you to either give up control over the entire process or to figure everything out by yourself.

With some companies, you blindly send your manuscript through some sort of automated meat grinder process, and you’re left simply hoping that everything will turn out okay on the other end.

At Booktango, we don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all mold for churning out e-books. We’re not an e-book factory. To us, e-books are a work of art. They’re not to be abandoned to automated conversions, forced into set book templates or processed through anything even slightly resembling a meatgrinder. Your manuscript deserves some human attention — a little TLC — as it makes its big transition into the e-book world.

Continue reading

Is Digital Rights Management Limiting Your Freedom?

Is Digital Rights Management Limiting Your Freedom

Publishing a book is a wonderful achievement, and you probably want to protect it from being pilfered. But protecting your book using digital rights management tools may not be in your best interest.

Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is designed to protect your content online by “locking content into an account, requiring a password to open a file, making use of a hardware key, or applying digital watermarks,” according to American Libraries blog e-Content.

I would argue that rights are liberating, but DRM is, in fact, restricting. Consider this, DRM “controls what you can do with the digital media and devices you own,” according to Defective by Design. So, it can prevent people from sharing your work. In other publishing, such as the magazine industry, relies on the pass along rate, the rough number of times a magazine issue gets handed off to a non-subscriber. When friends share an issue with other friends, people can taste the content and may decide to purchase that magazine. With DRM, pass along is eliminated, and so goes your chances of finding new readers using that method.

The same idea is important for books too. Recently, I purchased a book, not because it was recommended to me, but my friend gave me a copy to borrow. I read the first chapter, was hooked,  logged onto Amazon, and that author made a sale. Continue reading

Booktango LiveChat Confessions: Helping Content Creators Create a Book

Booktango LiveChat Confessions: Helping Content Creators Create a BookSometimes it can be hard to create a book on your own. At Booktango, we try to both empower you to publish independently and provide you with helpful resources when you need it.

One of coolest options we have is called LiveChat, and it’s your 24/7 connection to real customer support staff. I talked with Earl Dimayuga, our Customer Support Manager, to get a closer look at what authors are saying inside the chat box.

This is when people stop being polite… and start getting real. It’s the Real LiveChat Confessions.

CONFESSION #1: I don’t know how to submit my book.

SOLUTION: It’s not nearly as hard to create a book as you might imagine. Follow these steps. Continue reading

Reset and Resub: How to Make an E-book and Keep it Fresh with New Information

How to Make an E-book and Keep it Fresh with New Content“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Any author knows that a fine piece of art — such as your e-book — occasionally needs some tweaking. Even when you have proofread, edited and put that final shine on your book, you may have some ideas later that would make it even better.

Perhaps you find a few lingering typos that you need to correct; or maybe you decide your cover should “pop” more, and you want to spruce up the image, colors or text fonts.

At Booktango, we respect your need as an author to make an e-book better. We understand you need to keep your book fresh and make changes based on your own review or on feedback from book buyers, family and friends. Whatever the reason, we’re here to make it as simple as we can for you. Continue reading

Decoding the Secrets: What is ISBN?

Every e-book published by Booktango gets a free ISBN. But, exactly what is ISBN?

The answer isn’t as complicated as you might imagine. A book’s ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, helps publishers, retailers, and bookstores in book-tracking.

Nowadays, all books get 13-digit ISBNs (books published before 2007 have the 10-digit versions). At first glance, you’d think that each digit is randomized. But, once we break it into five different groups, we can decode the secrets of the ISBN.

What is ISBN?

We’ll take you through the groups so you can learn how an ISBN identifies your book.

Prefix: Welcome to Bookland

The newest addition to the ISBN, the prefix, indicates the product’s industry. The number 978 represents the book publishing industry; you’ll see it on all of the e-books in our bookstore. Continue reading

Yes We Can! Convert Your ePUB to E-Book Online and Sell Worldwide.

Yes, we can convert your ePUB into an e-book!

As technology evolves and the e-book revolution continues to grow, more and more authors have their manuscripts in formats other than the standard Word document. Maybe you had someone professionally create an ePUB file for you. Perhaps you started publishing with one of those other guys but weren’t happy with the way they smashed up your book. Or you might just have mad skills and created an ePUB file all on your own.

However you got it, if you now have an ePUB file and you want to convert your ePUB to e-book, Booktango can help. And, we won’t make you pay the high prices others may charge to “baby” your book. Continue reading

What are E-Book Reading Clubs? Learn How to Create One and use it to Promote your Book

What are E-Book Reading Clubs? Learn How to Create One and use it to Promote your BookI know what you’re thinking? “What are e-book clubs? How in the world is that going to work?”

Well, they do work, and here’s why:

With e-book sales overtaking print books, it’s only a matter of time before they overtake book clubs, too. In starting my own book club with a coworker quite recently, we discovered it was really simple. Just a few rules, a location each month, and an active Goodreads account put us ahead of our game.

“But doesn’t everyone need an e-reader to be a member of an e-book club?”

Well, yes that’s true to a degree. But that doesn’t mean that everyone in your e-book club must have an e-reader. In the wake of growing e-book sales, libraries have started lending e-books and e-readers themselves. Check your local library for rules and regulations. They are also available at many retailers online for a fractional cost, especially if you Continue reading