Announcing New E-book Publishing Packages: Socializer & Eye Catcher

Since starting this blog back in April, we’ve discussed a wide variety of issues on the topic of e-book publishing. But we keep coming back to two key aspects that seem intrinsically important to publishing in the digital space: online marketing and e-book design.

As we’ve come to fully realize the importance of these topics, we’ve developed innovative enhancements to our online cover design platform, and we’ve added some unique e-book marketing services to help our authors create better-looking e-books and share them more efficiently with the world. Now, we’ve taken things a step further and created two new publishing packages that are designed to help authors meet their e-book publishing goals in these areas.

Introducing the Socializer package

Social media offers one of the most exciting opportunities for online book marketers; but it can also be one of the most daunting. There’s a lot to know and learn about the assortment of social networking sites available, how to use them, who to reach out to, when to start, what to post, etc., etc., etc. Luckily, our social media publicists are pros and would love to pass their knowledge along to you. If becoming a better social marketer is one of your primary goals (along with putting out a quality e-book, of course), check out our new Socializer package. It was designed with you in mind.

And now for the Eye Catcher

As e-book publishing is becoming a more accessible option for authors, digital bookshelves are becoming increasingly competitive. Now, more than ever, there’s a real need to make your work stand out above the rest. As readers are glancing through titles online, your book needs to pop off the shelf and your marketing copy needs to captivate readers. If you want help designing an attention-grabbing cover and crafting compelling marketing text, our new Eye Catcher package has just what you need.  

Whether you’re looking to do it all yourself, save some time, set new trends, be a social networking butterfly, or stand out on the digital shelves, Booktango has an e-book publishing package that will help you reach your unique e-publishing goals.

Which publishing package best fits your author needs?

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