7 Ways to Promote Your Book with Booktango

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from authors is “how can I effectively market my e-book?” There is no million dollar answer that works for every single author. It’s kind of like weight loss – don’t fall for quick-fix gimmicks, and if you put in a committed effort into working toward your goal, you’ll eventually see some results.

You already know that Booktango is unique for offering free e-book publishing. We also offer some marketing services and opportunities specifically catered toward our digital-only authors. Let’s look at a few and see why each one might work for your marketing strategy.

1.) Check out BookStubs – one our snazziest and most affordable marketing tools. It’s like a business card for your book that you can easily distribute at author events. Watch this one minute video to get a better idea of how BookStubs could be right for your marketing goals.

2.) Get your book featured in the Booktango bookstore. This increases your book’s visibility and it’s FREE publicity. We even offer a few tips on how to increase your chance of being selected.

3.) Interact with us on social media. We’re not trying to brag (okay, maybe we are just a bit), but we have close to 10,000 followers on Twitter and more than 1,000 Facebook fans. Mention us in a tweet (please don’t spam us!) or post a comment on Facebook. We love connecting with our authors online, and it’s an easy way to get a re-tweet or a Facebook like. Plus, it’s also a great way to network with fellow authors.

4.) Be the star of your very own digital book signing. You might think you can’t have a book signing with your e-book. Wrong! The Book Signing with Author Chat marketing service allows you to interact with readers through an hour-long digital event. It really is a neat opportunity exclusive to e-book authors.

5.) Get featured in a Booktango blog post. One of our most popular blog posts was from Booktango author William L. Weaver. Tweet or share on Facebook links to your blog posts that are relevant to our blog topics – e-book publishing, marketing and writing – and we just might feature the post.

6.) Rock out during your blog tour. What the heck is a blog tour? It’s a book tour with a modern twist – a way to connect with readers in the digital age by being featured on the blogs they’re already reading. We’ll set up four interviews with influential bloggers – we’re talking blogs frequented by more than 100,000 combined readers each month – and you’ll be featured on their blogs.

7.) Encourage your readers to leave reviews. Not many authors take advantage of this feature, but they should! You have a Customer Review section on your book’s detail page. Remind your readers to take a few minutes to leave an honest opinion about your book. It will most likely encourage future readers to check out your book if you have several four or five star reviews. How many times have you checked out reviews from customers who have already purchased a product? Plus, we review and approve every single comment, so it might peak our interest if we see a book getting favorable reviews. Please note: You will be penalized if you try to spam your review section with fake comments.

How have you effectively promoted your book through Booktango?

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