4 Reasons Why You Need to Join a Writing Community

4 Reasons Why You Need to Join a Writing Community

Successful people in every field join together in order to share advice within their industry, and writers are no different. Joining an online community is an increasingly popular way for writers to unite and hone their craft. But, is a writing community right for you? We think so! Here are four reasons why:

  • It’s convenient. You can work in your living room, at your local coffee shop or while you travel.
  • It offers priceless advice. Professionals and peers alike can help you fine tune your writing. Sure, you can ask your mom for her suggestions, too, but your peers (who most likely have more experience within the industry) will do you a favor by offering constructive criticism.
  • It’s (usually) free – Many online communities are free! So, there’s really no reason for you not to join, right?
  • It’s rewarding. Many of us sit in seclusion and type away without asking for much feedback as we create our new masterpiece. But, when you have interacted with the people on your selected community, it can become a very rewarding experience. You don’t have to wait until you’re finished with a piece in order to reap the rewards of your blood, sweat and tears! Plus, we all need a little motivation during those pesky writer’s block episodes.

Here are some great online communities we suggest you check out:

  • Author Learning Center – Author circles allow you to interact with peers, plus you gain access to a plethora of educational and informative webinars and tools.
  • Figment or Wattpad – Ideal for young writers or those writing for young readers.
  • Book Country – Perfect for genre fiction writers who are looking to gain some feedback about their work, plus you can easily move it from review to publication.
  • Absolute Write – Allows you to have conversations about your book if you don’t like the idea of posting your book for review.

We’re curious: What is your favorite writing community and why?

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