3 Strategies to Win 1,000 True Fans of your E-book

Win 1,000 True Fans

Not all authors will be New York Times best sellers, but you can still be a successful author and content producer without ever gracing traditional best-seller lists.

Although the post is dated, the concept Kevin Kelly teaches us is apropos — perhaps even more so today. In his blog post, “1,000 True Fans,” Kelly writes, “A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker or author — in other words, anyone producing works of art — needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living.”

That’s it. 1,000. Why? Because building 1,000 fans who are truly passionate about the e-books you publish is the catalyst to obtaining sustained income, fame and security.

So, how do you turn 1,000 people into fans and then into followers? Here are three strategies to building and fostering a community of loyal readers:

  1. Honor your fans more than honoring yourself.
  2. Create content that is truly valuable to people — valuable to the extent that it enriches the lives of your readers.
  3. Give them a platform to share and celebrate their accomplishments and reactions to your e-book.

Whether you write short stories, poetry or investigative tomes — whatever your content specialty — using these strategies can help you turn casual fans into passionate, lifelong followers.

What do you think is the hardest part about building a fan base? Do you have any tips to share?

13 thoughts on “3 Strategies to Win 1,000 True Fans of your E-book

  1. I don’t what does it take to get 1 000 fants because I am just a beginner, and a wrote a book entitled, “Restoring the Broken Altars” with a theme..From the Ashes we rise. The book contains poems, motivational words and my life experiences. I believe it has what it takes, because it is not a fantasy but a true testimony of my life that from the ashes of defeat and humiliation, we can rise and reign with Christ.

    can please help me, as to how to get fants for my book!

  2. For me the hardest part of getting fans it’s a fact that many people that I know from my commnunity can’t even afford to have access to a computer even a lap top. Even though they might wish to buy the book, but how will they access it?
    The other challenge about getting fans, for me, it might be an issue of grammar or spelling, more especialy if the book is not edited well. People might miss the meaning of what I wanted to portray…

  3. Paul, thanks for your comment. There are many ways to get people excited about your book and make them into fans. Using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and a blog may not be the best tools for the job.

    In your case, it may be better to arrange a poetry reading and book signing event at your local bookstore, cafe or library. Using local resources such as making, printing and distributing pamphlets inviting community members to join you at this event is one way to begin building fans.

    This is but one strategy that has worked for authors I know.

  4. As I mentioned in my previous comment, there is more than one way to begin developing a fan base.

    Additionally, grammar and spelling are important if you’re an author. But you need not know all of the grammar playbook rules to be a successful author. Booktango has editing capabilities that detect and catch errors for you.

    You might also consider hiring a proofreader. I’ll be honest with you. I’m an author too and my work always passes by a trained editor’s eyes BEFORE it is published for other eyes to see. I’ve been doing that since I was a cub reporter for my college newspaper.

    Having your work properly edited also strengthens your credibility as an author. My mentors taught me that editing isn’t a benefit for the author, it’s for the reader. Editing a piece of work to make it as error-free as possible honors your readers. Notice, that’s my first point in the post.

  5. Rodger,
    You might want to edit what you have posted yourself… There are two errors in just your posting. If you want people to take this site seriously, that is one thing that is vital… after all, you are a publishing website. There are other errors in your site as well. I know, I am a writer/editor… If you need an editor, please contact me.

    Thanks. I agree with the book signing suggestion.

  6. Hi Susieb,

    I appreciate your criticism and your help. Could you point out these errors and send them to me in an email at rjohnson [at] authorsolutions [dot] com.

  7. ” BookTango has editing capabilities what detect and catch errors ”
    Oh dear….
    ” its for the reader” — Apostrophes are important too.

    But, that aside, how does one promote an eBook at a library/cafe, etc? Or anywhere for that matter?

  8. Good question, Richard. The same technology shifts that are changing how readers read books must also change how authors/marketers market books. But that doesn’t mean we have to throw tried-and-true book-marketing techniques like signings and speaking engagements out the window altogether. Just because e-books don’t exist in a physical form doesn’t mean that e-book authors can no longer promote their work in the real world.

    At Booktango, we’ve thought a lot about how to merge the old with the new, and we offer a few e-book specific promotional services (http://www.booktango.com/Services/ServiceList.aspx?Service=CAST-493). We’re especially excited about BookStubs — small, promotional cards that contain a free e-book download, which authors can sign and hand out at in-person events.

    Even without BookStubs specifically, you could still print some type of promotional piece — fliers, business cards, stickers, etc. — that offer interested readers more information about the book and where to purchase a copy. Anytime you speak to a crowd or participate in a relevant book or networking event, it’s important to be able to give people something tangible to remember you and your book by. Without physical books to show off, authors and marketers are faced with an interesting challenge to be more innovative in connecting their digital words to real people in the real world. Be brave, get creative, and today’s readers will remember you.

  9. Good answer too! It has given me lots of food for thought, and I will work along the lines you suggest. Thank you.

  10. Does Book Tango help with these marketing pieces – ie book cover that was used to create the book – as something that can be used at a public reading?

  11. The idea that you have broken down the requirements for a level of success – a 1000 fans – appeals to me. As a further aid, you could say: gain a new fan everyday. In just over three years the 1000 target is cracked.
    If thats too slow for some, then point out to them gaining fans is geometric pattern. 1 fans leads to 2. 2 fans lead to 3. 3 fans lead to 4 and so on.

    Great advice. Thank you.

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