3 Genres You Have Never Heard of Before

3 Genres You Have Never Heard of Before

With help from the boom of self-publishing in recent years, new genres and subgenres have popped up or have increased in popularity. For example, you can’t browse an online bookstore without seeing several YA paranormal romance titles, a subgenre that wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now following the release of Twilight.

Here are a few more genres that most readers might not be all too familiar with:

Space Opera

Usually set in outer space or on another planet, space operas emphasize adventure and are often sagas involving interplanetary politics or family conflict. Space opera is similar to military science fiction, but is not as focused on the military effort and is generally more romantic in tone. Well-known writers include C.S. Friedman and Frank Herbert.

Slipstream / Interstices

Slipstream, a subgenre of fantasy, is nonrealistic fiction that straddles the line between fantasy and mainstream fiction and is often more literary in tone. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut is a great example. Unlike other subgenres of fantasy, slipstream is not identified by tropes as much as by an overall feeling of strangeness. Other well-known writers include Kelly Link and Jeffrey Ford.

New Adult

New adult books are geared toward readers 18 to23 years old in age tackling issues of adulthood. Several disputes among authors have risen from this recent trend on whether or not publishers and retailers will officially recognize this new genre. There is no doubt that the interest is there, but many argue this genre is simply a useless marketing tactic among publishers. NA titles contain mature themes usually focused around a steamy romance or a coming-of-age adventure. The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger  falls into the NA genre.

Do you write or read a genre or subgenre that is a little less known in the reading world?

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