3 Fresh Ideas to Help You Organize Your Writing Desk

3 Fresh Ideas to Help You Organize Your Writing Desk

It’s the perfect time of year to bust out the cleaning supplies and tackle some serious spring cleaning. What? You’re not excited? You should be! This is a great opportunity to boost your creative flow and write that book you’ve let sit all winter. Hey, I’m not a DIY Martha Stewart type of person either, but these goals are attainable.

You might be surprised how a little organizing can enhance your work ethic and lead to a clear head with new writing ideas. It may seem like an overwhelming task, but just set aside a weekend afternoon to spruce up your writing desk. You’ll see a clean desk in no time.

1.) Clear off everything. That’s right, you heard me – everything. Make sure you have labeled baskets set aside to separate all of your knickknacks, utensils, trash, etc., as each item is pulled off. Once you sort through the items, the hard part is done.
Now place those clearly marked containers back on your desk. This will help you keep the clutter at bay with materials close by so you’re not wasting time searching for an item. And, make sure you have a file cabinet nearby with clearly marked folders to easily organize miscellaneous papers. If storage is an issue preventing you from staying organized, think vertical! Hang shelves; tack containers to your wall for your utensils. Get creative and figure out what works for your space. I’ve seen writers turn closets into workspaces – it is possible to stay organized even in a tiny space.

Get Organized [ Junk Drawers] Photo from Pink Eggshell blog.

2.) Add inspiration. Whether it’s some flowers or a picture of your kids, make sure what’s near and dear to your heart is clearly on display. Some of us work well facing a window with natural daylight streaming inside. Or, you might be like me and find yourself daydreaming while looking out, so I’m forced to turn my back on the beautiful outdoors if I want to get anything done. I love the idea of having a corkboard covered in an eye-catching fabric so I’m not just staring at a bland wall – it can double as a space to post inspirational quotes/pictures and a space to pin notes in an easy-to see area.

Organized writing desk with inspirational quotes and picturesPhoto from Pinterest.

3.) Indulge in comfort. Invest in a nice computer chair. Your behind should be occupying that chair several days a week as you work on your manuscript, so make sure you curb discomfort with a nicely padded chair. And, make sure your room is set at a comfortable temperature – not too hot where you’re falling asleep and not too cold where your chattering teeth prevent you from focusing. Space heaters and fans are a writer’s best friend especially if your work area is in the basement or attic.

Bonus tips: Keep disinfectant wipes close by to clean up any coffee spills or dust. Create a shopping list on your phone in case you run out of staplers, working pens, etc.  That’s an easy system to help you remember which supplies you need to purchase the next time you’re at the store.

Share some cleaning tips with your fellow authors in the comments below.

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